I Lost that Luv’n Feeling

I love food. A lot…really, really a lot. Most of my happier memories as a child involved food. Most of my not-so-happy memories as a teenager involved food. I love the way it makes me feel. I love the way I am able to bring pleasure to others through it.  
I would spend hours in the kitchen recipe testing, eating Nutella™ straight from the jar in the name of ‘research’, and drinking wine. “An afternoon well spent,” I thought. I would throw elaborate and simple dinner parties alike each month in celebration of my love for food and friends. But now something has changed. Whenever I hear someone talking about food, I want to scream! Whenever a friend enthusiastically shares with me a new recipe they tried, I want to say ‘you want a cookie with that?’.
Is it the barrage of douche-baggery concerning food and the pretentious hipster foodie movement? Is it the declaration by some fancy pants food magazine that they’ve discovered a new pan: the cast iron skillet, while anyone from the South is rolling their eyes as they read? While I was walking, I had a very Jerry Maguire-esque moment of clarity. Food has always been used to bridge the gap between cultures; to celebrate similarities and discover that we’re not so different after all. Now, food culture seems more exclusive.
I started my business with this simple idea: love. How can I show love through the medium of food? How can I make a family in Southeast feel included in the food conversation by showing them alternative methods of using the ingredients they have on hand?
This year I have endeavored to fall in love with food again. To seek out chefs, food establishments, and markets in search of love.
Stay tuned…
Katrina Martin is the owner of Culinary Cupid LLC. When she’s not luvin on her clients through food, she can be found torturing her close friends and husband with lots of recipe testing.

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