Sushi from a Food Truck…and Other Questionable Culinary Choices I’ve Made

I just finished lunch from one of my favorite food trucks (I will not mention its name). Let’s just say I should have exercised caution when ordering sushi from a food truck. Especially from that particular food truck since I’ve witnessed with my own eyes the health department driving up and shutting them down. I thought perhaps they learned their lesson. Besides, they serve a roll that I like best. I hope the queasiness that I’m feeling is totally unrelated to the fact that the raw sushi was a bit warm. I’m sure it’s totally fine.

In my business I take food safety extremely seriously, and thus assume other practitioners of the culinary arts take food safety seriously. However, there are times when eating out I have made a few debatable decisions surrounding food and beverage. My lunch choice for today caused me to reflect on said decisions.

A “soft” pretzel at 6pm from a pretzel cart in New York.
A burrito from a hot dog cart in D.C. (talk about a case of the horribles!)
Halal chicken and rice from a famous food cart (there was a reason there was no line)
“50 cents for bourbon and cokes!? This must be my lucky day. I’ll take 3 dollars worth!”
“Sure it’s 3:00am and we’re at a gas station in the middle of nowhere, but this coffee seems fine. There’s steam still coming out of the pot, so it’s fresh right?”
“You’re challenging me to eat a 1lb cheeseburger, fries, and a milkshake? Sir, I accept your challenge! Software Testers gotta represent.”

Not all of my daring food choices have led me astray. Ordering from the non-American menu at a Chinese restaurant yielded a pleasant experience of duck tongue in black bean sauce, lobster congee, and a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember. Quail eggs. Chocolate-covered grasshoppers. Cute little octopus. Beef Carpaccio. The list goes on and on.

Will I go back to that food truck? I’m a glutton for punishment so the answer is obvious. That roll really was tasty.

Uh oh. That belch didn’t feel quite right…gotta cut this post short!

Katrina is the owner of Culinary Cupid LLC. When she’s not paying homage to the porcelain god for unconventional food judgment, she’s dragging her nieces and nephew along to share in her culinary adventures.



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